Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Lovin'

It's been a while since we've last updated Milo's blog, and what a summer it's been!

I've changed jobs, meaning I have the majority of the summer holidays off work, and even though Nina's still struggling with illness, Milo has been a ray of sunshine!

We've been on long adventures, exploring geocaching too, which Milo attempts to 'help' with (!), and spending plenty of time with both of our families. Milo's best friend, Phoebe has probably grown weary of his seemingly endless energy, but they love each other's company.

When we're on the slower country roads travelling between families and home, Milo loves to stick his head out of the car window- not just to breathe in all those weird and wonderful Suffolk country smells, but also to smile at the countless children that seem to enjoy waving and pointing at him when we stop at junctions and traffic lights.

Having celebrated his 2nd birthday in May, it is now definitely not acceptable for us to be calling Milo 'puppy'...maybe we'll stop when he's 3, or 4...or not!

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  1. As a proud owner of a miniature schnauzer across the "pond" I have enjoyed reading your posts about Milo. My Katie says hi!