Saturday, 9 February 2013

To trim or not to trim

With Milo's fur becoming a little too long for everyone's liking, we decided that he needed a trim. But there were so many options!

The New Haircut!
Do we do it ourselves, or go to a groomers? If the former, do we use scissors or clippers? If the latter, do we go to the local one at Pets at Home, or one who would be better at grooming schnauzers? And when we've decided all that, do we keep him looking like a little fluffy puppy, or do we groom him like a proper schnauzer- beard, eyebrows, and short clipped fur everywhere else?

After a few days of looking at various reviews, photos and clipping guides, we present to you the newly styled Milo!

Nina did most of the work at home with scissors, and Milo was very patient throughout. She left a slight beard so that he stayed true to his schnauzer breed, but tried to minimize the amount of hair going into his eyes.

It completely changed his look, and it has also made him a lot more sensitive to temperature- we've noticed him shivering occasionally at night time, but all in all, a good result for a fraction of the cost!

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