Monday, 21 January 2013

You are what you eat

Milo has completely changed character recently, for the better, and it's down to one thing- his diet.

After months of watching him eat dry food, it became clear that we were all uninspired. I felt lazy tipping a handful of brown balls into his bowl, and he quickly became disinterested- often leaving most of the meal and lazing about the house in a strop.

We did some research online, and decided to take some action. We completely changed his diet.

Taking a trip to Pets at Home, we purchased a selection of beef, lamb and chicken, and chose a variety of fruit and vegetables that he would enjoy- including apples, carrots, peaches and peas.

So each morning and evening, we weigh out some white rice, some meat, and some fruit or vegetable. The change in Milo was instant. He was trying to climb up as legs as we weighed out the food- the smells and noises gave him a ridiculous amount of excitement that he'd never had before at meal times. He wolfed down his breakfast and was genuinely grateful afterwards. One month on, and he still reacts the same way.

His personality has altered, and he is a much kinder dog- so much more loving, giving lots of hugs, licks, and cuddling up with us on the sofa whenever he gets the opportunity. His breath smells less, his coat is visibly softer and shinier, and at the other end, his poo is completely odourless. A note to those with other small breeds of dogs, it's also completely solved the issue of blocked anal glands. No more smelly bottoms!

I honestly would never have imagined that changing diet could alter so much about Milo, and we're never looking back to the days of crunchy kibbles. It goes to show that you are what you eat!