Saturday, 3 November 2012


So Milo is now 3 days post his operation, he's flying in his recovery, which is so wonderful to see!

When we first got him home, he wasn't our usual little Mi, he was just whining and creeping round the house looking so so saaaad!!! Luckily, after a reeeeally long snooze, he was much improved, and even managed a small bowl of chicken & rice. We were so proud of him, he has done so well, and by the next day he already had much more of his skippy, happy nature back, which was so good to see. I had felt so guilty having put him through it, but he's coping so well, it seemed less bad!

Another thing that I was so surprised about, is that he's hardly had to wear his plastic cone...lampshade thingy, as he has been SO well behaved. Having grown up with Labradors, it was really lovely how good he has been!

So all in all the week, I have been dreading since I booked his op over a month ago, has actually turned out to be really easy, and turned into cuddle and snooze time :)


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