Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Op Day

Today is...well how do I put this...the day Milo loses his manhood!?!!

Poor little boy, he went off with the vet wagging his tail, with no clue of what was going to happen next :S I'm so glad it's our family vet practice, which we've used since I was little, otherwise I'd be beside myself with worry! But I trust them, so it's not nearly as bad.

We found it so strange getting home today, and not having him there to greet us! We normally always have his smiley wagginess waiting for us, it makes getting home so much lovelier, knowing he'll be there, so yes it was just plain weird today!

Unwittingly, we had bought him, what we thought was a big enough "cone" for all his post-op adventures...I mean recovery...well lets face it, when has a dog every sat back and recovered! That's a cat! Dogs have adventure, ALWAYS! And healing, well that just has to get on with it by itself...the best it can! So when we were told, what we thought was a big cone, wasn't any where near large enough, we felt a little sheepish, and to be honest I just thought, now he's reeeeally going to look like he's wearing a lampshade!!! Hmm, not best pleased! But as long as it aids recovery, and doesn't add to distress, I'm happy!

So, we are now into the final hour, of nervous waiting, before we can phone up and find out when cuddle time is!

We both can't wait to see him, it's not until you're without them, that you realise that you can't function properly without them, mainly because there's no extra person...I mean pup to have a chat or cuddle with, and how much joy they add into your life!

I really do feel like I've lost one of my arms! I neeeed my little pal back!!!

Well not long now hopefully!!!

Byebye chums xxxx

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