Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The fun of toddlers...

...or a pup that is doing a very good impression of a naughty toddler!

He has decided that its more fun to chase after us and bite our ankles or jeans, than being a good pup! Fine until you have bare legs!

Also, rather than sitting politely at the back door, finding it's far more fun to bark incessantly, until we are able to let out!
This is occasionally joined with licking the glass on the back door as fast as possible, which is absolutely hilarious to watch...he would make a fantastic window cleaner! Haha!

He is completely angelic when it come to walks, they are the highlight of his life, bless him! He trots alongside us, occasionally letting out a friendly woof, when passing another dog!
As for bicycles...well they are his favourite! Hehe, they fascinate him! He just sits and watches them go past in amazement! Runners on the other hand, are apparently, fair game...which means lunge and sprint! Thank goodness for the brake on our extendable lead!

As little Milo continues to grow and his personality flourish, we are occasionally tested by him, but mainly are falling more an more in love with our little ball of black, slightly crazy, curly fluff :)

Laters potaters!

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