Sunday, 12 August 2012

Slug & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails!!!

So this weekend Milo favourite pastime has been snuffling out and eating slug and snails, and even catching a few flies from the air every so often! To our disgust, why would our little bundle of fluff enjoy this gross activity...because he's a dog, a reality difficult to remember when he is just so cute! Haha!
But according to his fellow Schnauzer's and other pup's that he follows on Twitter, it seems to be a trend recently! With many of them also enjoying the French delicacy! Haha!
At least Milo hasn't sunk as low as a few of them, who have started eating they're own poop! Ewww! That'll be the day I start to make him use mouthwash!!!

Having said that within the doggy twittersphere, along with all these gross habits. There are many are chatting about "Doggy Olympics" in which canine versions of Olympic sports are invented, like slug or poop eating, along with puddle jumping, these are then shared across Twitter! I just love how during these amazing London 2012 Olympic Games that some how even our dogs and pups are joining in the wonderful excitement! With even the suggestion of a "gold poop bin" for the best dog! I love it!

I don't know what I'm going to do once the Olympics stops tonight, other than lie and weep! It has been simply wonderful, with Milo taking enormous interest in all equestrian events, and the epic Men's 10m diving finals last night! Medal 62 was fab!

Milo is gradually learning more and more skills...which as proud pup parents, we think are just amazing! Since Mi was about 9 weeks old, he learnt to touch my hand with his paw, when lying on his back, when asked...we thought this was wonderful! The other day this progressed to a whole new levels! Haha! We really are pushy/crazy parents now! He now can differentiate between "Hi5" and Hi10" (one hand or two)! We have spent many happy hours playing this game!
In a more sensible way, "heel" is coming on well in walks, and is "stand" for his bid to be the latest Britain's Got Talent doggy star! I joke! Pudsey is in a world of his own!!!

Happy Sunday peoples :)

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