Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic and lots of other fun!

This past few weeks has been dominated by us watching the amazing triumphs of Team GB! Woohoo!

Milo has loved watching any event involving horses! Whenever the jumping, cross country or dressage come on, he watches with great interest! He was very confused by the cycling, and also bemused when I started screaming with excitement when Team GB were about to win! Hehe!

As it is the summer hols, Josh is working from home, meaning lots of Daddy-Mi time, which they both adore! Which included Mi "helping" Josh with gardening, in which he either dug up or ran through any progress Josh had made!!! Heehe!
This has also meant Mi has loved some really long walks with Phoebe (our family lab)!
He also enjoyed a walk with Poppa Dave (Josh's Dad) along the beach, without us accompany them! This felt like a HUGE step, as we let our baby out on a walk unsupervised by one of his parents!!! Unsurprisingly they had a wonderful time, to Poppa Dave's disgust he had to experience his first ever poop scoop! Hehe...we thought it was great practice for future grandchildren, tehehe!!!

We still can't believe how much he has grown, and how good he is on walks, he has got used to his extensible lead so quickly, and his obedience get better and better with each walk :)

All in all, great progress and lots of growing week on week :)

Laters gators x

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