Monday, 27 August 2012

Boat Trip!

This weekend marked our first wedding anniversary! We had a number of little trips planned and luckily for Milo, a couple of them were puppy friendly. He did us proud!

A short drive away is a place called Thorpeness, which has a large meare on which one can hire a rowing boat. We did wonder what Milo would make of a boat trip, but as this activity has been on our to-do list since 2009, we couldn't not go and take him along with us too!

After a few growls at the nearby geese, Milo settled down nicely- he was perfectly behaved, and even tried to jump into the water at one point to swim alongside our boat. The meare has a series of islands with some interesting wendy-house style things on each one- mainly for kids, but they made great places to give Milo a little walk.

We had some wonderful comments from those in nearby boats too! It was so good to take out a really well behaved puppy- so glad that he's moved on from his naughty phase a few weeks ago! So from now on, little pupster shall be called Captain Milo. Ship Ahoy!

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