Saturday, 21 July 2012


Up to now Josh has been writing all the posts for Milo's blog, but as a well practiced insomniac, I thought I should have a go at blogging in the early hours of the morning!

Here goes...

It has been a very exciting week, after 3 and a bit weeks of having to confine Milo to the house and garden, we are FINALLY allowed to take him on walks!

After the purchase of a spiffy new collar, we also got him a 5 metre extendable lead, something my Mummy has always used when walking our family dog, so we thought we'd give one a try!
For such a tiny dog, I don't know how Milo makes 5 metres seem so short! He is so speedy, especially when he bounces along in that classic Schnauzer run! So cute!
Result...the extendable lead is perfect, he has the freedom to run and sniff to his hearts content, and we know he safe and close by!
Although he is only 11 weeks old, we are both staggered how quickly Milo seems to learn, having always grown up with Labs, Milo is dream to teach!
We already have "sit" "leave" and recall to us, pretty much down, very proud parents here! Hehe! He is also getting pretty good at walking to heel! Which is fab, with lots of other dogs living and walking nearby!

I really don't know how he still has so much energy! It's as if the walks boost his energy, and make him want to play more and more, but when he does drop, he's out for the count! Cute!

In short, walkies are great, thumbs (& paws) up all round! Hehe!

That's all for now! x

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