Sunday, 15 July 2012


We've been trying to socialise Milo with other humans and dogs from an early age. This should mean that he grows up to be friendly, rather than being overprotective, aggressive and anxious around other animals.

Yesterday we bumped into a few friends in town, while we were carrying Milo down the high street. He instantly became the centre of attention as cuddles and kisses were given and received!

Even in the Pet Shop, where you would think they were used to puppies, he was surrounded by staff who wanted to have a cuddle. Everyone who has met Milo has commented about his 'cute face'. So here's another photo of his puppy face.

We're looking forward to taking him on walks next week. Meanwhile, we've been working on training. He has mastered 'sit', which is hardly a trick, but here's hoping he can understand a few more commands over the next few weeks.

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