Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sad little sick puppy

Today started off with a beautiful, sunny walk along a field with Milo, my family's dog (Phoebe), my Mummy and one of my sisters! It was idilic, the sky was cloudless, sun beautifully warm, and the dogs, bar a few tangles between leads loving striding out together as best pals (they are literally so cute together!)

Unfortunately for poor little Milo after sitting in the garden for a while with us, suddenly started being sick.
We hoped he'd just eating something that didn't agree with him, gave him a drink, and headed home.

Poor little pup, when we got home he got considerably worse, at one point his tongue was grey in colour. Traumatised seeing my bouncy happy pup, so lethargic and sick, I quickly phoned the on-call nurse at our vet practice, she was charming, and assured me that the on-call vet would contact me as soon as she could.
Well, those 15 minutes felt like the longest quarter of an hour in the world! Little Mi meanwhile couldn't even keep water down, he look so unwell.
The vet finally phoned, she was wonderful, having assured us that his body was probably getting rid of something icky he had found to eat, and that all his symptoms were not life threatening, providing he kept drinking and started to perk up. We were so relieved, and reassured as she finished by saying we could contact her again at anytime, if we were worried.
Thank goodness!!!

What a difference a lovely, patient vet makes, I was beside myself with worry and jabbered on endlessly, yet it was like she had all the time in the world to listen to me :) 5 billion stars to her!

Thankfully, a couple of hours later, Mi has perked up a little, hopefully he is over the worst now.
Even so, I have been sitting up with him for a while to keep an eye...he's only a baby! I also gave him a little freshen up, he did look a sight, bless him!

Wow, what an eventful, and scary day. Not being a parent yet, I feel I today experience a small amount of the awful worry associated with sick kids! Truly awful!

I am pleased to say he should be fine, just needs water and lots of cuddles :)

Bye of now!
p.s. will put updates about how he's doing tomorrow :)

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