Sunday, 22 July 2012

Playing in the sun!

Today was a day of sunshine and BBQs, well for us anyway! Milo enjoyed playing in my in-laws garden, drinking any drink left on the grass and a walk along the seafront! So all in all he's had a fab day!

The seafront walk was quite eventful, with lots of big scary dogs to encounter, as well as very busy beach! The seafront was all too much for him, so he decided that being carried was by far a better option! Especially when it means being protected by Mummy, when strangers come along and talk to him!
He has also loved chasing Josh around the garden, and refusing to chase sticks! He'll chew, but chasing or fetching is definitely a step too far!

Another feature of the day was interacting with my in-laws 3 legged cat, Misty! She has a very fiery temperament, so Milo is taken down a peg or two when he met her! Something that makes an afternoon in the garden slightly more "fun", the constant watch of the 3 legged cat! Haha!

Now it's time for tea!

Happy sunshiney evening everyone :)

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