Saturday, 7 July 2012

Meeting the Pack
I was lent a fascinating book this week by a colleague at work- 'A Member of the Family' by Cesar Millan.

I've only read the first few chapters, but it has some really helpful advice- everything from choosing a puppy, to training, to introducing them to other members of the family (or 'pack'). This book is definately a must-have for dog owners.

Thursday saw the Olympic torch coming through Suffolk, so Nina took Milo to town for an hour to witness the event. Apparently he received almost as much attention as the torch itself!

Yesterday Milo was finally able to spend some quality time with Phoebe- the lovely 
Labrador owned by Nina's family. When they first met, they seemed to ignore each other completely- Millan explains this in his book as a sign that they annoy each other. But after a few controlled meetings they seem to be getting on okay and having a lot of fun together.

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