Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Gardening...or eating the plants!

My husband has been busy giving our garden a complete over haul- it was literally a weed jungle when we moved in! So have worked hard over many weekends, he wasn't best pleased when little Milo came along and pin pointed every bulb, dug them up and presented them to Josh, it was pretty hilarious, although Josh looked like he might cry!

Milo has helped though, when Josh was spreading grass seed. Milo ran underneath the seeds as they were being spread, and subsequently got covered, he then ran elsewhere in the garden and shook the seeds everywhere...happy Josh! Haha!

Milo's most recent role in the garden is run round like crazy with his new fav toy over his head...the plant pot! A great way to let him tired himself out, and pretty hilarious to watch! Hehe!

We've also reached a new significant stage, he will now take himself out into the garden all by himself, and come back in when he is called...with the offer of a treat!
It is lovely to be able to watch him run around, and also just open the door in the mornings, whilst in my pjs knowing he can go out and pee without needing to be supervised!

All in all gardening is hilarious, although sometimes slightly tedious with a little pup! We wouldn't change him for anything!

Bye for now :)

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