Monday, 30 July 2012

Doggy day!

Thankfully little Milo has made a full recovery since being very unwell the other day, he is back to his usual bouncy, cheeky self!
Lucky he was better in time for an adventure of massive proportions, well for Milo anyway!
Yesterday, we went on a trip to the Suffolk Dog Day, which was exciting, and quite overwhelming for both Molo and my husband. Milo, because of the vast number of people, over 8,000 people where there, and when you're only a little pup it's pretty daunting! On the other hand for my husband it was the dogs that accompanied the 8,000 people, because up to just under 2 years ago, he was petrified of dogs and had been since he was tiny. Amazingly, he managed to overcome his fear, by becoming best buds with my family's dog, as she grew from a pup into a fully grown dog (picture below with Milo)! But what with nearly as many dogs as people, he was pretty daunted too...he also coped brilliantly, and in the end really enjoyed seeing such a vast variety of dog breeds and sizes!
All in all we all had lovely day, Milo was VERY well behaved, we were proud parents, when people couldn't believe how well behaved he was for such a young pup!!!
Milo had a whale of a time, bring fussed over...even more than usual, sniffing loads of new smells and making lots of new friends! He even came home with a new toy!
I don't think I've ever seen so many gorgeous, fluffy dogs, or little girls dressed up in Disney Princesses with dog dressed to match! Haha...they were competing in "Best Fancy Dress"...maybe next year Milo!

So fun all round, we will definitely be there next year :)
Night night, and a big lick from little Mi :) x

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