Monday, 9 July 2012

Bath Time

The recommended frequency for bathing dogs is something like 'a few times per year'. Bathe them too much, and they can lose all their natural skin oils and get dandruff. Bathe them too little, and, well...they smell.

Milo seemed to enjoy his bath yesterday, although it is funny to watch his transformation as the water made his fur stick to his skin! Nina and I tested lots of different shampoos in Pets at Home a few weeks ago, and eventually settled on 'Dogs Body' by Animology- it smells delicious!

-during the shampooing
-nice and dry, standing to attention!

Of course he has spent most of today digging holes in the garden, so is now muddier than before! Hmph.  My new puppy handbook (A Member of the Family, Casar Millan) tells me that the process of digging holes shows that the puppy has 'pent up frustration and excess energy', so I'm letting him have a good dig for now, as long as it's during play time.

I'm hoping that once Milo's second vaccination has kicked in, we can go exploring around our neighbourhood and use up the energy in a way that doesn't result in the removal of daddy's carefully planted bulbs...!

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